Why Choose Us

At Ascension Imagery, LLC our foundation started with years of graphic design and photography experience. We recognized the emerging need to provide aerial imagery services utilizing UAV's (drones) to discerning clients. Our creativity and vision for developing stunning compositions distinguishes us from all of our competitors. With extensive skills in a variety of visual media, we have the experience you need for your next project.   

Understanding and executing your requirements is a critical part of any project.
Safeguarding person and property is our number one priority. UAV (drone) technology has rapidly increased in use around the world in the past few years.  With the FAA rulings as our standard, we have built our company to adhere to all regulations to ensure the proper use of drone technology and the safety of everyone involved.  We can achieve this by meticulously planning each of our “missions” to guarantee success of the final product.

At Ascension Imagery, LLC, we see your world from a whole new perspective.

Who is John D. Delp

FAA Licensed sUAS Remote Pilot

The concept behind Ascension Imagery, LLC has been building within me since childhood. My lifelong hobbies have included operating radio controlled vehicles, drawing, building model planes and rockets, and working in the wood shop with my Dad.  Having begun my secondary education in computer aided drafting, I felt something was missing, and was drawn to a field in which I could express more creativity. This led me to study visual communications, concentrating in graphic design and photography.  As an adult I have transferred those passions from my formative years into flying UAV's to capture stunning aerial imagery. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the field,
I have the vision and creativity to understand your needs and to use that
ability to effectively plan and execute your project.